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Inland Empire


Reentry Services

Recidivism * Reentry * Reunification

At least 95% of all state prisoners will be released from prison at some point; nearly 80% will be released to parole or probation supervision. They have the potential to rejoin society as positive, engaged, contributing members of their communities and workplaces.


Inland Empire Rebound provides evidence-based services that will prevent crime, facilitate reentry, and reduce recidivism.  Evidence-based programs are programs that have been demonstrated as effective by high-quality outcome evaluations. We aim to develop programs looking at the empirical evidence and working to understand what programs rigorous research has shown to be effective, promising, or ineffective. 


Inland Empire Rebound works to ensure that people in reentry who desire a second chance have the opportunity for successful reintegration and are "reentry ready" and able to meet their goals of employment, housing, education, family reunification, and financial stability.


The purpose of reentry programs is to mitigate these problems to allow the offender to concentrate on adjusting to life on the outside.


Our programs and services equip people in reentry together with their family, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations who support them, with the resources and tools they need to achieve successful reintegration.


We see potential and purpose in the men, women, and children we serve. Our programs move them through our process of regaining their life and livelihood without limitations.


Released prisoners face barriers to finding employment, locating housing, receiving public assistance,  getting out from under past debts, and gaining the skills needed to change their behavior — often problems that exacerbate one another.

Inland Empire Rebound Services is the KEY to successful reentry

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